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Got a new post in the works, but right in the middle of monthly lesson plans (done) and student evaluations (not done), along with a whole slew of other activities, including a hapkido belt test today...think I did well, should know by Wednesday...and the recent news that my application for the CELTA course at the Seoul British Council was successful--I'd promise to blog the experience, but I'm not 100% sure I'll have the time. We'll see. However...

I did find the following news item of interest enough to want to share it with anyone dropping by this blog--especially other South Korean teachers: Foreign Teacher Renews Visa With No Health Check

Seems like a news item worth keeping our eye on.

Hi There!
I'm supposed to be moving to Gangneung in early May to teach at Jungchul. I am trying to connect with expats who are living there and can give me the lowdown on the place. I lived/taught in Korea 14 years ago in Seoul and Ichon, so I'm quite familiar with Korea culture.....although a lot of my meories are an Itaewon blur! Would love to hear what you have to say about the place. Thanks, Holly (in NYC)
Hi, Holly--don't know if you use facebook, but if you do, there's a number of places where you can find information on Gangneung--even a couple of groups. I thoroughly enjoy the place, but then, when I first moved here, I was looking for a place that was a little less intense than Seoul's millions. There are nice beaches, a couple of nice hikes, and skiing, all not too far away, and generally the expat folks in the area are a friendly bunch. Perhaps we can exchange contact info, and meet up once you come this way...I tried accessing your blogger profile, but that route seems to be closed off.

Definitely try the facebook angle, though--if you haven't already.
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