Sunday, March 15, 2009


Busy Friends

Anyone who likes music of an experimental nature should drop by Jochen's website--he's been a busy guy with his band, Hinterlandt. I remember him for his two boys--among the first children I ever cared for, back in Australia. Neil, his oldest, is responsible for giving me some early, hands-on insight into how kids work through second languages: I cared for him for a year, and he wouldn't even consider using English (his first language was German), and then, one day, in the course of a typical post-nap craft session at the Parents' Co-op, he just sat down with me at a craft table, picked up some paper and a pair of scissors, and proceeded to carry on a conversation with me in full English sentences. He'd been absorbing the whole time. Hinterlandt also has a Youtube channel, if the website doesn't do enough for you.

Comedy: an old friend, Eric Rasmussen whose blog, I think, only exists on MySpace (and is hilarious, so go check it out), has been regularly producing a web-show entitled The Retributioners. Eric I know from high school, when we were both battling the constraints of the town we found ourselves forced to inhabit by virtue of our status as minors. Eric now lives in New York, and I live anywhere that isn't our hometown. Go figure. I especially recommend Oklahoma XMAS Smackdown, which I think a little too accurate in its depiction of those Norman Rockwell holiday dinners we all enjoy in the heartland.

More music: Hugh, co-conspirator from Munich days and subject of at least one post on this blog, is, in addition to celebrating his son's half birthday, working the cello with a group calledThe Balkanics. Some music to be had on myspace, and you can look them up on Facebook, as well. They also have a few videos on Youtube.

And I'm poking through old files on the computer. Can you tell? Best.

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