Saturday, April 05, 2008


New Poetry and Notes on Being Blocked

Casting about for a sense of audience. Semi-permanently funked. Folks, the next time a writer type tells you they're blocked but they're still writing, call bullshit. Block means that you don't know what to write or why you were writing. Block means that you do not understand the underpinnings of writing itself. From inside, it feels permanent, and if you're really invested at all, it affects everything you do. The world changes.

But enough about that. The good news is this: I've had four poems picked up in the last few months--three at poeticdiversity, where my cohort Marie Lecrivain has hosted work by yours truly before (to access, look at the sidebar of the Fool's Errand blog under Heading "Work," subheading "Online Publications". For the month of April 2008, she's picked up the poems The Far Shore, All We Can Do, and Tonto Shrugs it Off. In addition to those, another I'm particularly pleased with, as it has the right feeling for those poems in which the composition truly touches something essential in being hosted in the current issue of Babel Fruit. The poem being hosted there, The Giftbearers, is the product of a very specific event, and is very much associated with my current place of residence, Gangneung, South Korea. There is a real story behind this that continues to resonate with myself, and that I hope you find some pleasure in as well.

So, some newly published work. Still working on how to generate some NEW work...but newly published is some sort of start, I suppose.

How 'bout y'all? How's the hope/inspiration gig treating you these days?


I *really* like these poems you linked to. All I can say is I'm glad you can overcome the Block often enough to get things like this out.

I get inspired just knowing you're out there writing these things so folks like me can be reminded there's still poetry and art in the world!
thanks for sharing this one :)
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