Monday, September 17, 2007


Who the hell are you, kid?

Still nursing the cultural hangover, still trying to figure out what it is I'm doing. And Dave Smith's poem,The Roundhouse Voices, still rocks. Looking to pair it up with the music of Delerium, as was done oh so many years ago during the stint at KSUA. Funny thing, the pairing was an off-the-cuff accident that just happened to work. I was in the production studios, still trying to stumble my way through a Session 8 system--god it seemed flash...and probably was, given the year--well, there was lots of room for playing around, but this one just presented itself to us, holus bolus--we played the music, I read the poem, and they simply meshed. I think I had to make two tiny edits on a poem that reads, straight through, at around five minutes, and a song that tops 8 minutes. So now, I'm listening to the music, and reading the poem, and trying to intentionally achieve the same effect. Somehow, I remember it being easier the first time around.

Live on Friday. Come if you're in the vicinity.

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