Tuesday, December 05, 2006


When you call yourself an editor

...you get all kinds of special privileges. Like receiving the following message in your e-mail. To the person who sent this: best of luck.

Dear Sir/madam,
I'm ______________. I wrote a wonderful book about God and the nature of God and creation mystery. My book is ready for publishing. My book has about 46000words (about 130 pages) and it is a good book for any person that can read English books and want to know about God.
My book title is:
What is the nature of God?
My book subtitles are:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Why God should be existed in the world?
Chapter 3: What is the nature of God?

Chapter 4: Why God create this world?
Chapter 5: What is the reason of future life?
Chapter 6: Why prophets are sent?

Chapter 7: What does the soul, intelligent and human understanding?
Chapter 8: Why do we worship God?
Chapter 9: What is faith?

Chapter10: What are human feelings?
Chapter 11: How is the science of God?
Chapter 12: What is the predestination?

Chapter 13: conclusion.

It think that it is better that my book publish as black and white and my book has not any photos, images or graphs and I need to your publish, sales, distribution and promotion services. You can use of soft or hard cover and my manuscript is in English, my book is ready for publish.

I think that this book is a new revolution in the religion and philosophy books and public books too and whole of peoples in the world need to read it.
I think that whole of peoples that can read English books and want to know about God need to buy this book for understanding about nature of God and secret creation.
Although my book is about God and secret creation but I think that it is a public book.

I think that there is not any book similar my book in the world and knowing about God and nature of God and secret creation is very interest for all of peoples.

I expect that you have a good offer for publishing my book.

I trust that a good publisher can public and sell at least 100000 copies of my book in the first step.

I trust that publishing my book will shake the world and I hope that receive a wonderful offer from your side very soon and I send a copy of chapter 1 of my book for you in this E-mail and expect that you read it carefully.

you got this missive too?
This is best public I've learned in first lifetime!
I think that there is not any post similar and you let this be existed on your web site should shake the world too.
That's the last time I offer YOU first crack at my material.
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