Monday, October 02, 2006


Super Schnell

...because I have about 150 things I should be doing right the meantime, I've made the transition back into Planet America. Carpentering. Building walls, hanging doors, ripping up and laying down floors. Tomorrow, it's a roof. In the meantime, it's transition from the wilds of Gangneung to this:

Many more pics, too. It's interesting, to say the least, to leave Oklahoma for about two decades and then come back to it with very different eyes.

Time with the girls, too. And a new Trip zooming up at me.

Another vid of die tochter, as well. There are others. I'll be sharing more when I get some breathing room...which looks to be in about a month...though I'll try to zoom by with tidbits sometime before then.

Hi to all, and thanks for dropping in to check on me. To the Kangsters...hope you're all well. Thanks for all the notes...I will get them back to you when I'm able. Meanwhile, you are very much in my thoughts.

Later, foax--tchitch

Welcome back! Glad to hear all is well.
Fanks, man. And no, I haven't forgotten the anthem work. I've just been enormously pressed for work...and have only recently managed to negotiate acceptable net access. And of course, now, I'm slammed with other work, so it'll have to wait until nearer the end of October, at the earliest.

But, given some of the news coming out of DC, perhaps that's good timing all around.

Mostly, I want to know if it's always been this bad, or if its just a combination of internet fueled transparency and my just getting older. I don't really expect to get a definitive answer to that question, though.

More stuff on the way, and again, thanks for the well wishes. --tchitch
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