Monday, August 07, 2006


Verse Libromancy

Over on the sidebar, you'll see a new button right at the top, with the label "Verse Libromancy". This is a cool little java program featured--and I think? put together--by the fellow over at Bud Bloom Poetry: Hit it, and it will take you to one of 554 different venues for online poetry, including (incidentally), Triplopia. What's more, if you want one for your own blog, Bud Bloom has made it simple for you.

For my money, it seems a much better use of one's online time than is encountered in some quarters--more on that point later. Meanwhile, enjoy, and thanks Bud!

Well, I'd like to think of my blog as the *worst* way to spend your time in all of poetryland...I guess I'll have to punch it up a notch.

Well, to be fair, there's a lot of competition for that slot.

Thanks for the smooches. --tchitch
Hi Gene,

I dreamed that up as I went looking for online poetry publishers. Then I had to go find the java.

The trick now will be to delete links when a zines go out of business, and add when new one comes on board. If it's even, then simply replacing one that's left at an assigned number (1-554) with the code for the one that's arrived will work. This puts things out of alphabetical order, which isn't necessary anyway.

Yeah, I caught that as being a possible issue in the future. I think there's already a link on it that may be defunct, but I failed to take the note when I reached that site: my bad. I'll try to funnel you notes when I reach dead links in the future.

It's a cool little gadget to have on the site. Thanks much.
Hi Gene,

I've updated the links.

Here's the post explaining: Verse Libromancy updated: poetry (with love) from the Cosmos to you.

But, the updates themselves are made in the original post here: Verse Libromancy

Hope all is well.

Bud--thanks for the update, and for letting me know. It's been updated here.
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