Monday, May 29, 2006


Poems the Muse Apprentice Guild, for your perusal. Tania VS (co-conspirator who puts Trip Picks together) is in there as well.

Hope you enjoy--and hope you feel like commenting, whether you do or not. Either way, feedback is always welcome.

Congratulations Gene, I enjoyed the poetry, especially "Ash Wednesday." Brilliant piece! It makes me wish I had made it to NO before the fall...
Hi Gene,

Very nice publication for your good poetry. Funny, I was just at MAG a day or two ago, and missed your work being there. I was reading Tree Risener's specifically, as she's judging for IBPC this summer.

I think "The Rules of Exile" may just be my new favorite of your work. Well done, sir.
crying to see how your words have developed and
how everything you've soaked up is still there and
finally crystalizing
with joy to see the cycles turn
with sadness from the distance
with love always
Thanks to everyone for comments: I'm glad to finally have a few poems out there for others to read. May this be the beginning of a much larger body of work.

Randall: Rules of Exile--the process behind that poem is very intriguing to me, and while I won't go into too much detail here, suffice to say that the way that one was arrived at was different than what I'm used to. I like it, too. It surprised me once I managed to work my way through some initial problems and get to it, and it's a pivotal poem, I think, in the collection I'm currently at work on.

Marie: Ash Wednesday was lambasted by one person whose opinions I generally respect, but I called him on this one, and ran with it anyway. It's pretty effective from the stage, which is what I think it was initially written for. It comes in under the 3 minute mark, and it's got the right clarity of voice for such venues. I was much more surprised to hear that 'breathing: new life' worked from the stage when you were kind enough to read it at one of your gatherings. It never struck me as being quite suitable for that sort of venue. I'll have to take it for a test run myself someday.

Rus: many thanks for checking it out, and hope you found something you enjoyed there. I'm privileged to think I'm sharing a venue with one of the IBPC judges.

Corey: oh, indeed, though if you get me started on the subject of distance, there's a fair chance I won't ever shut's one of those core concepts that I find myself returning to, again and again. In fact, I think that's what Exile is all about. Your words were occasion for my remembering that outing we shared, so many years ago, with Mr. McCorkle (whose army jacket I wore as winter wear for the next decade), and the details of which have stayed with me all this time. I think that was my first real reading, actually, because Enid was never very good for that sort of thing. I still cite that night as one of my most formative experiences, mostly because of the heckling I received (the woman who shouted, as I went through the last overly long 'poem', "The mind can only absorb what the butt can endure." Wise, wise words that, my initial anger overcome, I have returned to again and again in crafting my words. Mind you, there are no doubt those who think I could stand to take them a little more to heart than I do, but then, those who do think so have no real idea of just how long I really can go on.

Those days are missed, and are consistently returned to in my own poetic efforts, the more so since recent events have turned my attentions back to the Big Easy. Thanks for dropping by and having a look at what I've been doing since.
alright so i'm a dink cause i have no idea how i missed that the first time around. scroll bar indeed. aside from that i'm mostly here to tell you that there are certainly some beautiful and powerful words to be found in your mind. well done. i'm impressed.

"alright so i'm a dink cause" (insert smart ass comment here).

I'll resist. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. And thanks for reading the poetry--glad you enjoyed.
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