Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Paradise is exactly like

...where you are right now,


I love YouTube. Haven't gone on a serious explore yet to see what poets are doing with it, but it's on my to do list.

(Thanks to Wind Meals, Deborah Poe's online home, for alerting me to the existence of these. I've listened to Laurie for years, have never seen a video until this evening.)

Hi Gene,

I was there earlier today, with similar thinking, that there's great potential for use by poets. And the way everything is shared, it sort of frees poetry up.

This whole video thing. Imagine us getting into critiquing spoken word performances that we watch, and not by writing in a comment box, but by making a video to speak our minds. Or we could just go real time with the whole thing.

There's this potential for poetry that goes outside the box of any big study the Poetry Foundation can do. These next decades may become a great and historic period for poetry.

By the way, I'm going from dial-up to high speed Verizon on the 23rd, so I may more easily witnessand enjoy as you have.

And, I fixed the link here from my blog--in case you noticed.

Hi Rus,

Yeah, I did notice that the last link went directly to that single post, though I hadn't caught the correction. Thanks for that.

Yes on the potential. The bigger task will be, as usual, filtering through the stuff. I took a quick stab at it the other night, found some stuff that was somewhat worthwhile, but didn't get stuck into any really in-depth search of it all. If I manage to find the time/energy, maybe in a future post. In the meantime, a search for 'poetry' lands you over 900 videos. Some of it even has to do with poetry.

Myself, I've been tossing a semi-formal response to Bloom's 1997 assertion that poetry is our 'elitist art' around in my head. It's taking some sort of shape. I'm sure it's been done somewhere, but I also think that if I press forward with it, it may provide me a vehicle by which to get some of my own thoughts down in a Word Doc. Course, I would prefer to be generating poetry...but sometimes, writing about poetry is the best one can muster.

Thanks for dropping in. Yes to sharing. Yes to amateur efforts. Yes to everyone being a poet. If we can get W. on the bandwagon, I'm near positive that the effects will be entirely to the positive.
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