Friday, May 26, 2006


Breaking News

...from the self-publishing crowd, which probably scams more people than all the contests on put together: Absolute Write is gone due to the mechanations of Barbara Bauer and, according to Making Light, a naive, panicky PublishAmerica author who happened to own the web host upon which Absolute Write was housed. The story has been picked up by Miss Snark, as well, which means Miss Bauer looks to be receiving more attention for this than she could ever have prayed for. That said, I've done a brief search, and cannot confirm that Stephanie Cordray is in fact a PublishAmerica's not showing up on the PublishAmerica search engine.

Though not of the caliber of some forums I have encountered, Absolute Write was one of the stronger indy forums, for information regarding several self-publishing schemes and calls for subs ranging from poetry to greeting cards. No high profile academics involved, that I know of, but probably very wide repercussions for the general writing public with this one. I'm given to understand that there has been a loss of many posts, though one can only hope that the forums will be restored, in some form, in the near future.

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(thanks to Books, Inq. for helping to get the word out.)

Addendum: going through the comment field at Making Light, it appears that the folks at Absolute Write are on the case, and that the forums will soon be returning to us. I think this one is worth watching just to see what's rumor, and what holds up as fact. But the comment field is an education unto itself.

FWIW, We're fairly confident we'll be back up by day's end. We're not yet sure what data might have been lost in the last minute file transfer, before the host pulled our plug.

Thanks for blogging it.

Thanks for the update. Haven't seen any forum action as yet, but I've been watching (sometimes more closely than I probably ought). In fact, I came across JC's "defense" of their action via Making Light (in the interests of equal time, that's found here...) --gotta say, from a dispassionate perspective, that posting has all the earmarks of AW's having been stuck with a less than professional host.

Hope it's back up soon. Whatever went on behind the scenes, I'm looking forward to seeing the forums back in action, hopefully with previous threads relatively intact.
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