Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Straight shot

Sometimes, in the course of working on something totally unrelated, you come across a poem that just hits you right in the gut, and that's that. Sometimes, as I slog through 300-350 poems (never mind prose), I feel like I might be getting jaded, and far too early. Then, you're working on an interview, and someone drops a name, and in the course of routine research, you look it up, and come across something that just sticks there. And resonates.

Such was the case, this Sunday, when I came across the famed "Bubble Lady" of Berkeley, Julia Vinograd's offering, Ginsberg.

And you remember what the hell you're doing all this for.

I have a barroom analogy for lit: prose is the beer. When you want to get serious, you ask for the stuff behind the bar. That's poetry. This one delivered a gut punch like I haven't received in a loooong time. Good on ya, Julia.

Huaugh! Man, that got me right in the solar plexus. Ow.

I think poems are like perfumes - I really can't take in more than three in a day. But that one? Wow, that'll hold me for several days. At least.
Wow. I couldn't agree more - that was truly top-shelf. Thanks so much for sharing! (Hope all is well with you.)
Randall--It's been better, but putting the zine together has been helping me maintain an even keel. Almost 8 months done.

Alala: good to see you're still checking in, and glad you liked the poem.
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