Sunday, January 29, 2006


Just dropping by

With a couple of goodies before I get stuck into work on Triplopia--which is intense right now. Also I think I may have an organizational framework for the novel I've been kicking around in my head for the past 2 years. If I can manage to execute what I've got in mind, it should be sweet. Lots going on with the writing, of late.

On the promised reviews: I'm about half way through In Our Own Words. It's an interesting book. Have lots to say about it, but generally speaking, I'm finding it a good book to be in. Three Triplopia poets in it as well.

BUT: couple things sent my way I thought I'd share. First, on the ground, Taylor has recently updated his photo blog to include the trip we took to the Tae Beck San Snow Festival--go take a squiz. Second, Tania (the voice behind Trip Picks and co-conspirator on the ground in Munich with whom I had the distinct pleasure to have many excellent conversations consistently heavier on digressions than on central points--said conversations being an important source of inspiration for this oldie but goodie) sends me a .pdf from UbuWeb entitled Some Differences Between Poetry and Stand-up. The link goes directly to the .pdf, just so's ya know. And finally, I highly suspect that I should not find this as amusing as I do...but I do. There's more like it on their main site, if you feel like wasting 5 minutes.

I'll write with real news soon.

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