Friday, December 16, 2005


Waiting for glee...

Or whatever emotion comes with receiving one's contributor's copy of a volume of work in which one's own words appear. In any case, the volume in question is now available at I've been waiting for my own copy since they were mailed out sometime in the first half of November, and I'll probably post my own assessment of the volume as a whole once I've had a chance to read it for myself. In the meantime, if you're daring enough, or just a rabid fan of yours truly, you know where to get a copy.

And today's one more day that I walk into work wondering if my copy will be sitting on my desk when I arrive. I suspect this is half the fun.

Hi, I'm Clinton.

I just moved to Gangneung, on a whim, and don't know anyone here. So I thought I should go hiking today and searched 'gangneung' & 'hikinh' and there you were!

Your blog is hilarious! I'm not so literary myself, but I appreciate your blog...quite fun.

Of course, my real reason for writing is that I'm looking for hiking info--mountain names, bus #'s to get there, anything. I've already been to the differnt parts of Odaesan...I'm looking for other peaks not included in the park. I can read/speak (bold claim there) Korean so the buses and ajummas are no problem.

I live in Gyo-1-dong here and this is my first weekend to actually stay in the city...I've only been to that Gyeongpo lake & beach...ignorant of the (I'm sure) cultural and natural splendos of Gangneung-si.

Any advice? I would appreciate it so, so much! You can email me at And, your Halloween pic is prime...


Hey, Clinton,

EX-cellent. The blog turns into a respource for someone who needs it. That makes me happier than you might know. I've just e-mailed you. Gotta admit, I don't have a whole lot of info re: hiking, but am keen to do more of it in the near future--so maybe we can share resources, or even plan an excursion, who knows? And I do have a fair idea of how you can get to meet a few others here in Gangneung--might be more useful on that front than on the hiking, actually. Drop me a line over e-mail, we'll see if we can't connect up regarding all this.
How exciting!

(I may be minimalistic in my words - but I'm not my emotions)

Thrilled for you.
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