Saturday, September 10, 2005


Updates, sub calls

Going through my very neglected e-mail account and trying to update a few sections here on the blog, now that I have scads of free time on my hands (plenty of work, but plenty of time, as well...). For the benefit of a few folks that requested same, I've put direct links to every article I've had a hand on up in the sidebar...most of them from Triplopia. There's lots there, and it's just for the convenience of a few, but if you feel like checking them out, it should make that a little easier to do. I've been running by some interesting reference spots as well, and will be updating those as I can.

Also, as you might well imagine, one of the reasons I don't tend to participate in contests (and there are a few...maybe talk about that later) is simply because they're generally prohibitive in terms of outlay of money, for both postage and reading fees. I do tend to prick up my ears when I hear of one that does not require a fee...and I came across this one via the CRWROPPS mailing a couple of days back, and thought I'd share. Good luck.

good poat...keep it up...
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