Monday, September 12, 2005


Sub call

I'll post something of my own soon...last night came face to face with a serious bout of homesickness for my girls, my friends, and Munich...rough enough to enforce a long walk at about 10pm...I'd rather forgotten how oppressive those walls can get. In any case, it doesn't seem the sort of thing I should blather on about for too long, because no matter how universal, it can be quite tedious to sit through. Instead, let it ripen, let it ferment, so something better can be made of it.


I did want to post the following, just in case there was anyone out there who was predisposed to sending something in. More soon--tchitch

The Making of Peace: A Poetry Broadside Series

"Poetry is an act of peace. Peace goes into the making of a poet as flour
goes into the making of bread."
~ Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) from Confieso Que He Vivido: Memorias, 1974


The Making of Peace Poetry Broadside Series is a response from poets who are working towards peace and goodwill in the world and want to see an end to the war in Iraq.

This project will produce a series of finely designed broadsides to be displayed in independent bookstores, libraries, and museums across the US during National Poetry Month 2006. Each broadside will be 4.5" x 5.5" and printed on environmentally-friendly paper.

Along with the displayed broadsides, a limited edition of broadsides will be produced and distributed to the public during literary and non-literary events. The total number of broadsides printed in limited edition will represent the number of US soldiers that have been killed during the war in Iraq; each broadside will represent the life of a soldier. We are estimating there will be between 75-300 of each limited edition broadside printed depending on the number of poems selected and the number of US casualties at the time of printing.

Each poet chosen to be part of the broadside series will receive ten copies of his/her broadside along with a full set of the broadside series.

How and What to Submit:

Submit 1-3 poems, unpublished or previously published poems with the theme of peace, hope, and/or humanity. Poems should be 30 lines or less. Please include cover letter, short bio, and SASE.

We are looking for well-crafted poems on any subject matter that are inspired or focused on the theme of peace, hope, humanity, and/or the idea of a world family. We are open to work that encompasses a specific response or offer a larger vision of our world. Poems do not have to be a direct response to the war, but can be.

Deadline: Submissions should be postmarked by November 30th, 2005.

All submissions should be original work and mailed to:

The Making of Peace: Poetry Broadside Series
c/o Kelli Russell Agodon
P.O. Box 1524
Kingston, WA 98346

Note to Poets Living Outside the USA: Poets living outside of the United States may submit via email. Please include your cover letter, bio, mailing address, and poems in the text of your email. No attachments please. Send email submissions to: TheMakingofPeace AT

Questions or comments about the project can be sent to: modpoet AT

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