Saturday, August 27, 2005



Gangneung City, on the Northeast coast of South Korea. Longer entry to follow--right now, trying to set up home internet access, at which point there will be many notes forthcoming.

Crazy life, this. If this keeps up, I could always chuck in the literary aspirations for a career as an interview subject.

Hoping to write some--many--of those stories in the coming year(s).

More soon--tchitch

Gangneung City?! Woh! Hope all is well!
I don't know if I should be worried or jealous, so post more soon!
Both, perhaps. I've a long one in the pipeline (all typed up, but having to access at PC rooms amid much virtual shooting and no floppy disks), and need to use this site to update many correspondences, so probably many more posts in general, once I can work out home access...

I'm working here. Been here 4 days now. Already know where the other teachers hang...though I haven't already been...have Korean friends in Seoul & met an ex-worker from the place I work yesterday, who had nothing negative to say about the place and was very interested in language exchange--which I'll sure as hell be needing. Getting my ear to the ground early, so I can find out what works here, and what doesn't. Means lots of hard work, but many empty hours, as well. At least at present.

All's good. Well, it would be better if my girls were with, but maybe soon...and if they don't come this way, it probably means a move back to Aussieland at the end of the gig. Patience, patience.
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