Monday, July 25, 2005



Some beauties. Especially enamoured of the sixth one. These all taken about two weeks ago, by a couple my wife tutored in English when they first moved to America from Russia about a decade ago. Many other photos worth a look on their site, as well.

I owe y'all a proper blog entry soon. Suffice it to say things have been mad on the ground. Huge movements on our front. I'll detail more w/ a larger entry w/in the next week.

Also--the new Trip is up. Take a peek, if you're so inclined.


Nice to see Kari again...and your beautiful daughter.
What am I, chopped liver?

Yeah, she's a beaut, in't she? That pics a stunner, and she's always been uber-photogenic. Obviously, she's got the main secret to taking good pictures down--engage the bloody camera.

I feel sorry for the boys in 6 years or so. I suspect I'll be consoling them on a too regular basis.
Gorgeous pictures. Beautiful family all around!!
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