Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Son, she said, have I got a little story for you...

oh ye-eah, I-ay-I'm still alive...and after a week of no communication, I'm swamped...but, wanted to alert you to two new additions to the sidebar, where you can go see work of mine: a poem, Madrid, and a prose piece entitled In the Hands of the Living God. Enjoy, and more soon.


Very cool! Kinda want a drink now, though. Not the intended consequence, sure, but hey. Luckily , it's a bit early at 8:24 in the AM, and they frown on that kind of thing here at work, and besides, I got no beads. Huzzah! Well done.
Glad you liked, Randall...that prose piece is the only really worthwhile thing left of about 80 pages of same...it'd sat in my files for ages, until one night one of the amateur nights caught up with me, and I had nothing new to perform...hit the old files, and that passage leaps up at me. I was fortunate enough to have a guitarist playing 'Cantaloop' as backup for the words on the night we did it from the stage--it worked very well, so I knew I had a winner.

Hope that drink's edging closer, man...it's as good a consequence as I can imagine from any written work: there's a part of me that still believes all use of language is persuasive at base...so if I can persuade you to have a drink, well...
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