Monday, May 09, 2005


Some Sub calls

Just thought to throw a few calls for proposals/submissions up here for anyone who might be interested in such a thing: in the grand spirit of self-promotion, there is the regular call for submissions at Triplopia: our next two issues are themed "Noise" and "Heat," respectively, and the reading period for the first is open until June 1st. The second, "Heat," opens July 15th and continues until September 1st, though if you've a proposal, we'll file it. Poetry is always welcome, but we are especially keen on anyone who can take up the task of poetry reviews, or well thought out articles on poetic form, or any issue pertinent to contemporary poetics. We do work fairly closely with our writers, so if the proposal is still a bit sketchy, but you've the time to work on such a project, do float it by us. E-mail for that is editor AT triplopia DOT org.

An interesting call for proposals over at Scan your Skin, a project that is putting together a multi-media presentation centered around the subject of our largest organ. Their original deadline of March 31st has been extended to May 31st, so there's still time to get something into them, if you're interested. Quote taken from their project message: "SyS wants to explore this territory from different points of view. Creative personalities will suggest artistic interpretations of the project message, thus offering their own reading of the human skin. Photography, graphic arts, the written word; a bold, abstract approach or a sober and realistic one - each contribution will be a key component of this multifaceted jigsaw puzzle. The goal is to build a well-structured picture of human skin as a concept/research object. The final work will be published in a book and distributed to selected retailers all over the world." Follow the above link for the entire project message.

Dee Rimbaud is putting together an anthology under the working title of "The Book of Hopes and Dreams," and the deadline is 30th June 2005. The proceeds of this book are to go to Spirit Aid, a UK based charity that describes itself as "a humanitarian relief organisation dedicated to alleviating the suffering of children and young people whose lives have been devastated by war, poverty, genocide, ethnic cleansing and all forms of abuse." For more information on this charity, follow the link provided above, and of course, if anyone has more information on Spirit Aid, comments are quite welcome. "The Book of Hopes and Dreams" carries a title that is bound to cause a few nervous tics among skeptics and cynics (and I count myself among those, at least in my worst moments...), but does show some promise of avoiding the "Chicken Soup" syndrome, largely on the basis of Dee Rimbaud's own writing history, and also based on Rimbaud's mission statement: "what I’m looking for is work that is transcendent or uplifting in nature: poetry, prose, short stories, true stories, essays, articles and artwork that are both inspired and inspirational. At the same time, submissions are required to be rigorous, well-crafted and if not actually grounded in, at least tethered to reality, whatever you may perceive reality to be. Your ‘reality’ can be as gritty or as strange as you like, as long as the work as a whole is powered by hopes, dreams and ideals." "Gritty" gives me some, erm, hope for this one, as I'm sure there are others who have thought their own hopes out, and grounded same in something approaching rational belief. Biggest drawback on this one is the requirement that all submissions be made via snail mail, and the fact that it's based in the UK. If that doesn't put you off the scent, the full guidelines may be read here.

Finally, for the parents out there, an interesting sub call for an anthology on reflective parenting under the working title of "Think Aloud." Quoting from their sub call: "We are looking for thoughtful and authentic responses (1,200-1,500 words) to ontological issues in parenting that aren’t commonly addressed in popular handbooks on childrearing...We are not interested in: Humorous anecdotes, cute or cliché stories, parenting tips/advice, lists of parenting do’s and don’ts, persuasive or dogmatic essays, overly academic papers, gimicky writing or topics that are too general." The deadline for this one is August 1st, and although I have not located a web page for same, full submission guidelines, in the form of a pfd, may be requested by sending an e-mail with the subject field "Think-aloud" to dadaredux AT hotmail DOT com.

Finally, some reading--a pretty cool blog entry re: the 'outing'.

Happy subbing. Tchitch

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