Saturday, April 16, 2005


Trip's up

Sans pictures, so if you like the text w/ pics (and we have some good ones this go), wait just a few and it will be up properly--however, after a harrowing run at a deadline, w/ myself staying up until 4 am (and having to be back up at 8 for a tutoring gig this morning) and my co-editor suffering a spat with her always helpful husband (one of the secret angels of the site, really...) on the other side of the Atlantic, ISP issues, etc, we do have liftoff re: text. While you're knocking around, don't forget to go check out Randall's 1st place finish in our prose poem contest. Hope your check came in the mail, man--and no, I had no hand in the judging, so it wasn't me who put Randall in the winner's circle.

Lots of other great stuff in this issue as well...I can genuinely say I am very proud of this one. Yawp was a blast (3 day crunch through "The Time Machine" engaging one of the funnest--and most educational (for the writer) genres around--the parody), and the Spotlight found me in the dead center of an extremely engaging conversation with Lindsey Collen, who just recently won the Commonwealth Writer's Prize for the region of Africa for the second time. Very cool having the opportunity to talk in depth with established writers, and some very interesting material from her, both for the politics (some more conservative readers may have some difficulty reading her views...) and for the keen insight she offered into the real risks writers face.

Enjoy, y'all. I'm gonna get away from the computer screen now, cuz I've had entirely too much of it in the last 24 hours. Tschuss--tchitch

Great issue (as always)!

Yeah, I got the check a couple weeks back, along with a very gracious note from Tracy Koretsky (I loved your essay on the prose poem, by the way, Tracy, if you're reading this).

I'd write more, but I have to go play with my Ghazal (as the kids today say).
Fantastic stuff!
For introducing me to the Ghazal (mispronounced “gu-zall”), I thank you!
For such a treat, though words seem unforgivably small, I thank you!

I really should be working, though I’ve already sat through ten hours of meeting Hell, today.
My first time in Georgia, and I might as well be at the mall, thank you!

I read the news today, oh boy! About a lucky man elected Pope.
A job for which I naturally lack the rectotudinal wherewithal (I thank you!).

I think I caught a glimpse of Jesus standing in line for Star Wars tickets at Grauman’s, yesterday.
(In solitude, my thoughts turn prophetically phantasmagorical, thank you.)

Nature is God’s way of saying, “Just look at the kind of beauty you could create, if I’d only given you any talent.”
But 4g3 b4 b34u7y, as they say, and Prada before the fall, I thank you!

Running with the Devil; running with scissors; running on empty. Run, Forrest… Run!
Steady crawl, steady crawl, steady crawl, steady crawl, steady crawl. Thank you.

Now it’s time for the author to bid you a fond farewell.
B-deep, b-deep, b-deep, b-deep, that’s all, folks – I thank you!
Excellent! for your comment, I thank you!
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