Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Apologies, many apologies, for my long absence. It's been slammin' busy, I've limited internet time, and I found out this month that I need to go in for surgery on a hernia. Yum. Positive side: it's minor, and I'll no doubt emerge with an inside take on the German health care system. Also, Trip is speeding toward us, so most of my time on the internet is taken up by that. We have an excellent interview in the next issue, real feather in the cap time, and I'm currently banging out one of those parodies I've been known to produce from time to time, and this time the target of my homage/satire is this fellow. It's fun. Also, I will have a couple of online publications to direct you to shortly, some stuff that nobody's seen unless they've come to the open mic I help to organize every month here in Munich. I am fortunate enough to have about 6 pubs coming up in the next few months, some online, some in print (believe it or not). I'll post details as they become available.

Also, congrats due to Randall, who won the prose poem contest over at Trip. We'll be including his winning entry in the coming issue, out April 15th, technology gods willing. His blog's on hiatus, but keep an eye on that link, because I'm sure he'll post something sometime in the future.

Finally, the reason for the title, and the reason I had to come over here and post, this story just popped up on the most e-mailed list over at Yahoo...and I wanted to make sure that anyone who didn't catch it caught it here.

Back to parody. Hope you're all healthy and happy, and I'll try to make the space between posts a little less lengthy in the future. Tschuss--tchitch

Hey - welcome back! Sorry to hear about the hernia, but congrats on all the work you have due for publication.
I've been wondering where you've been hiding!
Yeah, thanks for well wishes...again, it's minor, more inconvenience than anything, and actually waiting (I've known about it since mid-March, won't be fully functional til mid-May) has been the worst of it. But I'm not sure I would have had the wherewithal to have the procedure done in the USA.

Randall--yeah, pubs are kinda exciting, though no major breakthroughs on particular venues...but that could be for lack of trying. I have issues with publication. You'd think I wouldn't. I'm pretty stoked, though, and will post links as they become available.

Good to have a few minutes to update around here, and thanks for the hail fellow well mets.
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