Friday, January 07, 2005



...evolving, thinking...

"...this morning I was so rash as to read some of the public newspapers; suddenly, an indolence weighing twenty atmospheres fell upon me, and I stopped, faced by the appalling uselessness of explaining anything whatever to anyone whatever.”

Amen, Baudelaire.

Rational hope means trying to accomplish anything in the face of clear evidence suggesting that the goal you are striving for will not be realized, and furthermore, continuing to do so without recourse to prayer.

We continue. We dance, and the only thing to do is to bring joy where it is most needed, and to cause discomfort where it is deserved.

May we deliver ourselves from these idealogues who persist in placing their own interests before that of their fellow human. May we do so with reasonable haste, so that our common vision is not permanently rendered subject to theirs.

Ack. Kick the blues by playing them. Hi to anyone reading. Go glory in the beauty of the marvelous machinations of Rube Goldberg. Tchitch, over and out.

oh yeah, and that was me with the amen.

God bless us, every one!
With all these amens and God blesses, you'd think we lefties actually had some sense of spiritual self, when in fact we all know we're just a bunch of godless secularists whose sole mission in life is to advance the will of the Dark One. Let's all grow some honesty, and just admit our overall evil intentions, okay?

[mode=teary eyed Oliver Twist with bowl extended]Can I get another amen?[/mode]
apostate scum.
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