Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I needa get myself organizised...

Hoo. Busy week. Response to the new issue has been damned near overwhelming, and we've only just entered the reading period. So, some news, such as it is...

First, a big heads up to anyone accessing this from the Trip: the contest is for PROSE poems, and the judge is someone I've had contact with for quite some time, and has been known to get very cranky when h/s feels like h/h time has been wasted. So if you've submitted a poem-poem, here's a heads up--re-submit a prose-poem. We'll be gracious, and unsubmit the first entry. The good news is that the response to the contest has yet to get really heavy, and while we will be re-advertising, right now, the chances for anyone who submits the proper genre are very good.

Second--unlike the contest, the actual subs have been near overwhelming. We went to press 11 days ago, finally finished the adverts only 6 days ago, and we're already staring at over 35 submissions, many of which are of extremely high quality. The competition to get into this next issue looks to be intense. Add to that 5 books for possible review, and about 7 people I'm supposed to be checking out for the Spotlight slot...mucho thanks to Ren Powell for her work, already, on this front. There is one frontrunner, but that person has yet to accept...though, should they do so, I'm gonna be getting very excited.

Third--we just received news yesterday of a major poet (well-known enough to be listed over at The Academy of American Poets) who has agreed to be interviewed for the summer issue. This person is well enough known to be causing yours truly to experience some serious butterflies in the stomach--it's exciting, but intimidating as well. And, as some might know, Tara and I have been discussing 5 year plans, with the intent to get sound files of poets up on the site by that time, and perhaps even a CD for purchase--this poet will probably push that plan ahead. So far, we've had to adjust our expectations of ourselves upwards on every front, and this will just be the latest adjustment. We've lots of work to do before July 15th.

So...exciting times at the Trip--very busy times for the same reasons. And I have to get my head around Time--a subject that inspires some of the most fascinating and absurd of theses, and which proves nigh on unfathomable should one rely solely on Google, where the phrase "the nature of time" only produces about 31 million results. Something tells me I'll be relying heavily on Google Scholar this time around (there being but 1.25 million hits on that engine...). If anyone has suggestions as to good books to read, or good writers to get firmly into this subject, I'd be most appreciative...though, it goes without saying, I'm gonna be much more receptive to logical argument than I am someone's religious thesis on the subject. Mostly, and most fundamentally, I want to get my head firmly wrapped around the logic by which philosophers and scientists alike have concluded time to be subjective in basic texts are in order. I seem to remember first encountering arguments for time's subjective nature in Kant--though maybe I'm wrong about that? Anyone out there that can give me a helpful nudge?

Anyway, shit is happening fast, and I'm of course loving it...though I have no idea where I'm to get the time to do all this. Always do, though, and the fact that I now spend my time online working, instead of trolling on poetry boards or being slowly brainwashed by politicians, is a big plus. That's half the fun of the net--the potential is there for all of us to be producers, not just consumers.

I'll sign off there--it's early, I'm not at my most sparkling, and I just wanted to pass on news, even though I have to be vague on the details. Before I do, though, a heads up: keep your eye on the sidebar, where I hope to be slotting in some new resources to bolster the ones I already have over there.

To work, again, and best to anyone reading--tchitch

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