Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Ali G is in da haus...

Ich finde das sehr lustig.

Had to share. tchitch out.

And of course, lively discussion ensuing...among other places, check out the thread at HBO forums, if you've a mind to:

You know, I always see shit like this and kinda want to be the one who does it...granted I just like it because it takes the whole political atmosphere right now and pushes it right into the absurd, but I think my gut reaction is more aesthetic...the sheer beauty, and yes, power, of fucking the minds of a group of that size. I'm a big Andy Kaufman fan as well, BTW...I enjoy this sort of guerilla performance even when I don't agree with it.

Inneresting...and to my mind, fucking hilarious.
i rather like mindfucks and absurdity by times. having studied beckett and ionesco, i appreciate their wish to make something appropriately absurd for an era that seems to be quite FUBAR.

c'est pas par la, c'est par ici!

- dandee (in french, it's "pissenlit")
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