Thursday, November 11, 2004



In an attempt to work my way back to the subject I actually intended to explore on this site, (though really, where do politics and creative language separate?) I offer you this gem from Andy Borowitz, which details a major new initiative launched by the Bush administration.

Also, gotta love a good pun, and flaming liberal editorial cartoonist Bill Mitchell delivers in his latest: "'Mandate?!' Shoot, I thought Dubya was agin' that sorta thing..."

Man alive, I would love to see a rewrite of the Bible after this new grammatical regime takes hold. I've always thought that dusty old tome was in bad need of a rewrite, and an injection of some down-home flavor would be make for a nice update.
A-Ha! A short list of translations base upon this new system of English seem to me very much in order. I'll sees Paul's Bible and raises it one Complete Works of William Shakespeare--and it occur to me that carrying out that translation should keeps many currently under-employed humanities majors in gainful employment for some time to come.
Knelt before the master! I are working on it even as we'll spoke! Translated such intricate works of literature requiring a detailed focus on meaning and syntax, and even consider working on such a project implying real chutzpa, perhaps even a bit of hubris. But for my President, I'll done anything requires of me to help brought our rich literary heritage into the present. And that are a promise you can took to the bank!
Oh, I'll admits, this project are tickling my funnybone. And was I honest, I would has to admit that I are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. This project could proves to be a boon to the education system, so, even though I takes some umbrage at the wrong did to the English language, I has to approve simply because we am likely to see significant funds allocated to our system of education.

As for chutzpah, well, I thinks we can safely assumes that that are one word that have been thoroughly re-defined in today's political atmosphere.

Carries on.
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