Friday, November 05, 2004


Perhaps it's time for some real political exercising those state's rights Republicans are always on about... Posted by Hello

I dunno. With Alaska up there it looks like the jesusites are already starting to surround us again...
Well, with the munitions we'd get from CA, we could probably annex the bastard and hold it as well. I say let's do it, strike a treaty with Mexico, and we should be able to contain the stuff in the middle from there.

Oh, and Arnie gets shipped off to Oklahoma. I think it only fitting.
dandee here:

i'd give alberta to jesusland too, since it's the "texas of the north", and will probably secede rather than keep giving all its oil money to a bunch of damned liberal provinces/states who don't have any.

i see you left PO... was that vainglorious post of trant's the final straw?

my LJ has been loaded with comments about moving north and/or seceding, though it's dying down as people resolve to work for change.

it's pretty sad. the united states of america are anything but.

i wish i could see a way to get better, because there's no way in hell i'm going to agree with the right-wingers, and i suspect there's no way in hell they're going to let go of their belief that they're making the only morally acceptable choice.


Great minds think alike, and whatnot. That one's been making the rounds too. I'm all for it, but I bet the Canadians won't be too happy when we all show up with our American dollars that are worth less than pesos!
btw, what do you think of ?

i'm so sick of it all, i don't think i can even absorb this.

Me, too, Dandee. Thanks for the link--I've seen several such stories, one county in Ohio with about 3,500 extra votes, all for Bush, several people reporting the final confirmation screen having switched candidates, etc. As much as I'd like Kerry to be headed to the white house right now, I'm waiting for better confirmation on any such story, simply because THAT might indeed find me going right over the edge. I mean think about it: what's scarier, that a US election can be so thoroughly rigged, or that the electorate was (IMHO) duped into voting this guy into office again? No matter how you slice it, I think a badly informed electorate preferable to conspiracy at that scale.

On the other hand, I'm not going to dismiss such stories out of hand...though I don't like the implications behind them. Mostly, I think I need to find out how my own voice--and my own vote--can best make a difference in a political atmosphere so thick with doom and fear.

Might need to trot out the old comedy thing again. For my own sanity, if nobody else's...though hopefully it'll help with that as well. Now I just need to find a premise as winning as C4P...and someone that'll let me get up there and rant.
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