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Hey, hey, hey...

For those who don't know, I've been busily working with a group of upstart cooks and revolutionaries here in Munich to open up a pub/restaurant where I will be working as prep cook and (hopefully) one source of inspiration. Likely to get the show going there, once again, as well, though right now, all emphasis is on the physical aspects of the place. In any case, today I successfully earned my German health certificate (had to be told, A-gain, that I need to wash my hands before handling food, need to keep the kitchen clean, and need to be especially careful with food products containing animal protein...), and the place cleared the KVR (the big, bad German bureaucracy...I could tell you stories...that place makes Kafka's Castle look like a holiday resort...) just today. Tomorrow I'm having my birthday party there, so the staff can have a dry run with friendly faces (though we're likely to dream up some zingers just to test 'em). Sunday brunch we make a good old fashioned Suthern breakfast, then we open up for business proper on Tuesday.

The place is called The Twisted Bavarian, and if you click that link, you'll get the restaraunt's blog, maintained by Graham Stewart, who is one of the minds behind the place.

On other fronts: I'm dreaming up a post regarding belief, and the role I see it playing in politics. I'm going to hold off posting til I get that down to my satisfaction, because I think that may be a better way into a thoughtful response to the current political climate than my original, bile induced thought of writing a letter to a lover who has done something to lose my faith. I'll probably continue to think on that, but I'm not sure it gets posted here. In essence, I'm thinking we should maybe try to just be friends.

Mostly though, life goes on, and the only real shaping I do of the political climate is through my own individual decisions regarding life. Those add up, but I'm not sure how much reason has to do with the composite of those individual decisions. Still, I got two hands to move things with, and a voice to sound my siren with.

Me to work. Just doin what I need to as one human among 6 billion. Ya know.

1) Happy Birthday! 2) Congratulations on your restaurant endeavor. I love to hear about people taking charge and doing things they enjoy.

3) I've had a post about belief kicking around in my own head, and it's just been brushed aside because I've been too busy to spit it out. Hopefully this weekend I'll manage to articulate what's been troubling me, and I'm looking forward to your own post on the topic as well, if it makes the cut!
Hey Gene - such exciting news!... I'm proud of you and wish you and everyone involved the best of luck.

and Happy Birthday!
Thankee kindly, goils...

I'm off to tempt my tendency to forget beer isn't water over the next 6 hours or so. And I get to pick the the signs are not pointing in the direction of sobriety. Then again, I have to put brunch together tomorrow morning, so that should keep me from pulling one of those 'til 4 am stints.

Re: the new undertaking, it is exciting. It's not exactly my project, cuz all I have to invest is time...but I plan on contributing pretty thoroughly. Once we get the kitchen routine worked out, I'm planning on tackling the ceilings in the toilets--at present a rather ugly shade of orange. We plan on collaging the suckers, with plenty of poetry in the mix.

Thanks for the luck wishes.
howdy hi from the outskirts of new orleans--a.k.a The Ranch--this is not so much a comment as a communication, seeing as i happened upon your site in a search inspired by i dont know what-and although personal in nature, may be of interest to readers in some future time-who knows? I'm sure someone sometime will discover all the mad letters of our youth and say what the#@!? so here goes--glad to see you alive and well and,in fact, writing from the various corner of the globe and though I havent moved in too big of a circle since last we hung out, my mind too has been travelling along the whole time--although not so much in the writing direction as once before but visually on canvas and through organizing multimedia artshows in the new orleans area--so seems our artistic bent is still fairly well in line and why not? and in regards to your post, dont discount the power of your shaping through your decisions for this is the real political clout that shifty elections dont acccount for. Anyhoo-this is just a hello for I lost your email from our last attempt at communication--more to come
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