Friday, October 01, 2004


Toga! Toga! Toga! (Make sure to wear your best legal briefs!)

Lots of stuff on the ground, and no, I'm not gonna get too stuck into the debates thang, though of course, I'm watching. Fact is, I'm very partisan (John Kerry is a right-wing conservative, though not a nut-job, from my political perspective...), and second, I tend to write these really long sentences and I don't always buy the same basic assumptions that many voters do (e.g., that the primary concerns of a political and economic hegemon in a world that is increasingly governed by international issues should be to protect 'its own interests' at the expense of others, or that free markets necessarily lead to free societies...), so, I'm not kidding myself about my own capacity to sway anyone on that front. Further, I'm not in a sitch to have actually watched the debates, and although there are multiple polls online. they're all hot after the event and non-scientific and likely to be so for some time. I do get the sense that Kerry managed not to step on his dick, which is as good as I expect the news to be most days. In any case....

Much happening here, smack into the lead in to the next Triplopia, lots still left to produce. Two friends leaving in the near future--Hugh left Wednesday, Tania and Jaques have recieved a post in Capetown, so they're off in November. I've decided to give up the show, as we're supposed to be upping sticks (though it isn't clear yet where to...) at the end of the year, and I'm bloody tired and starting to move into the reflective end of the spontaneous overflow/tranquil reflection cycle. I will perform and even host a show organized by someone else, but after 15 months of the stuff, I've done what I set out to do, had lots of good times for it, and made a few new friends and got closer to a few existing ones. One last show, more like a 'salon' in the Stein/Toklas tradition, this coming Friday, so I've work to do getting folks out to that. Tania's hosting that one at her own home. Will probably be more fun than anything we could do in a public venue, at this point.

On that note, Andrew is coming to visit this next week. Yee-haw! Andrew is a friend from back in Enid, haven't seen him in a good 7 years, haven't hung with him regularly in about 15, so it'll be good to touch base. Math/mechanics fellow who took a couple of years off when he was younger to explore the US of A in a VW bug he'd rigged up himself (with creature comforts such as hot & cold running water, no less...). We used to drink cases of AB beer (3.2, we were in Oklahoma at the time, and the liquor laws are such that there were regular police reports in the local 'news' rag that told of incidents of adults who had supplied minors with 'non-alcoholic beverages' (i.e., 3.2 beer) and been arrested/fined for it...) in his garage, and probably got a bigger high out of having to stand up and sit down so often to go to the toilet. In Munich, the rough equivalent of alcohol for a 24 can case of Busch or Budweiser in Oklahoma (3.2) , at 12 oz. a can, calculates out into (lessee, 12*24=288 oz.=2 1/4 gallons, or 9 quarts--there are 4.54609 litres to the US gallon, which means a case of Busch comes out to approximately 10.229 litres. As the standard beer in Munich is .5 litres (the maß is a litre), but the alcohol content is double, laving us with) 10 (and a quarter) standard beer, we should be able to easily match and even exceed the excess we used to attain when we were young and split a case between us. (see, if they'd given me problems like this in school, I would have understood math just fine...) Anyways, I'm trying to get as much work done on the Trip before that happens.

BUT the reason I got on here in the first place was not to calculate out Munich/Oklahoma beer equivalencies, but to share with you one of the most bizarre political, or at least judicial, quotes I have heard for many a year. "I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged." You know what? I will give double banana scores to anyone who can tell me who said this without peeking at the link. (and the going rate for you-are-a-complete-internet-political-junkie-if-you-know-the-answer-to-this-one questions stands at 20 for US questions, converting out to 24.80 bananas for European questions, or 14.5 bananas for questions about Australia--as this is a US question, you get double the standard rate, or 40 bananas, but only if you don't peek--and no, it is neither Bush nor Kerry)(I appear to be in a math mood this morning...)

Anyways, me back to work...just wanted to post a word or two, and make sure that quote got a little air-time.

Tschuss, for now.

Scalia. Cracked me up. I ran across this via MetaFilter.

Sadly, it's not even the most outrageous thing he said!
40 bananas to Randall. You're top of the list--Tone would be ahead, but he didn't provide me with the full answer to the previous trivia question--worth 200, BTW.

Yeah, we were trying to figure out if this is the result of hanging around with Clarence Thomas too long, or he's just on smack...I'd think he was speaking from the POV of a Libertarian (i.e., it doesn't belong on the law books) except for the fact that he apparently thinks they ought to be "encouraged". In what manner, exactly?

Pity he's a Supreme Court Justice, or perhaps we could end up with a rerun of the Jocelyn Elders nonsense. Teach our children about masturbation? Heaven forfend! I'd rather they picked up on that little tidbit through the locker-room, where such talk belongs!

Hoo boy. I'm getting to the point that I'm starting to honestly think *I'm* the one who just doesn't get it...
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