Wednesday, October 20, 2004


October Surprises

Gonna keep this one short, because if I get off on either politics or the bizarre manner in which emerging technology seems to be changing them, I'll end up with another one of those mad, lengthy ramble-ons like yesterday. I just wanted to post this link, a story I picked up over at the Zogby forums, but which was not accompanied by links. I googled it, came up with a clearly partisan site (though his criticism has focused on the intelligence community before, and was equally critical of pre-9/11 Clinton admin approaches to intel). Scheer, though, is apparently a well known journalist, so this has more credibility than your average blog.

I don't know how sexy the legs are on this story, but wanted to issue a heads up to anyone following these things.

For a less scary political fix, hop over to and take in The Truth About John Kerry

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