Saturday, September 04, 2004


Up for Debate

"It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech."

Zell Miller, Georgia's "Democratic" Senator

Defend or refute.

Update: though clearly an editorial piece, there's a great opening paragraph, from a strictly writerly point of view, in this article...

' was a surprise this week when the Republicans revealed the real message of their 2004 convention: We need President Bush to protect us from Zell Miller. The Democratic senator-turned-Democratic scourge laid into John Kerry Wednesday night with an Old Testament rage that crescendoed when he looked into the camera, quivering, and promised Americans that if they voted for the Democrat from Massachusetts, he would personally come to our houses and "whup your traitorous, Osama-loving asses with a hickory switch."'

I actually agree with Zell on this point, to a point. But then, I also think he doesn't understand the point, himself. Freedom is certainly the gift of those who fight for it on our behalf. What a waste it would be, then, not to use it.

In a democracy, there is nothing more patriotic than civil dissent. Every word spoken freely honors those who have died for our right to do so, while very call to reign in free speech spits on the graves of the brave soldiers who gave their lives to keep us free.
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