Monday, August 02, 2004


Okay, last tweak for the day. Bounced over to (I can waste time there) and came across these, at As I know there is at least one librarian that may swing by here, and as we're on the subject of why I'm not super keen on returning to the States, and, as the folks at have strongly encouraged others to spread these around (attempts to circumvent the legal language of the Patriot act), thought I'd post 'em here to see how the whole photo-hosting/blog thing is working out. We'll see in a minute. Meantime, enjoy. Posted by Hello

Yippee--it works!
Yes, we have.
Oh, man...

soon as I figure out how to post an image, you guys come along and muck it up.
Not our fault. The name of your blog is the same as the National Security Advisor's Daily Bulletin. You can see the confusion. You're probably getting all kinds of unintentional Google action.
Terribly sorry, officer. I hadn't considered the possibility when titling the blog.

Google confusion serves me well...just hoping it isn't causing trouble there at the Bureau.
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