Thursday, July 29, 2004


Workin' on the sidebar

Okay, so, as I actually have a reciprocal link now (Silliman's blog now has my name in its list of blogs) I should probably actually start working on this thing and see if I can't get some of my online compadres to get over here and comment. Lots left to do before I'm happy with the layout here, but it'll have to be an ongoing project, I think. In the meantime, guess my goals here are 1) to post some links here for my own handy reference, that way, when I move away from my home computer, I can get to them easily, and 2) to establish an online journaling presence. On that front, over the next few days, I'll probably be scooting my old Dev Art posts over here as a ready-made journal...has a few creative endeavors, and otherwise musings, mostly for myself, but of course for anyone else who feels like watching.

Still thinking on how I want to arrange all of this, as that sidebar is likely to get very lengthy in short order...I haven't even started, really...still online poetry zines to add (I'll skip the forums, because I haven't found any, really, that have managed to convince me that they're up to full potential...suffice it to say I've been known to contribute to many, in various degrees), and lots more lit resources, which will be the bulk of the stuff going up, I think. If it hasn't already become obvious, and for the benefit of anyone reading who doesn't know, I'm one of the editors at (link on the sidebar), and very interested in online lit and the direction it may go. This is sort of a supplement to those efforts, and my own re-organization already done through the links at that magazine. There's much news to convey on that front, but it's not going stale, so hang tight, check back, and with luck, this'll turn into a passable resource for working writers who are, like myself, still trying to get a foot wedged into that door.

Next--data dump from Dev Art.


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