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OK, we'll see if anything comes of all this--perhaps I'll be using this as a sort of idea journal, and to drop links here that I think are cool, forget to bookmark because half the reason they're cool is because I get to share them with others, basically the same as I might treat a notebook if I were using pen and paper, except lucky you get to see what I've been trolling around in. In the meantime, and because this does differ from said notebook in the fact that there is at least one person watching, I'm gonna jot a few basic facts down so anyone who starts trolling these pages and finds themselves saying 'Just who the hell does this guy think he is, anyway?' can be directed to this post. I am...

35 years old

Scorpio (and yeah, I know what everyone says about THEM, and so what?)

Monkey in the Chinese calendar (this pleases me even more than the Scorpio does...)

A father of a girl who is about to turn 7 years old, and guess what? She's the most brilliant creature walking since Mozart. Let's hope she lives a little longer than he did--though every bit as well.

A teacher of children--something that came as a bit of a surprise to me when, after having my daughter, I was compelled (I'm trying not to say 'forced' here...) to take a job as a childcare worker in order to get money to supplement my wife's rather slim salary as a PhD student. Compelled because I had to do so in a manner that allowed me to actually EARN money, and not just work in order to pay childcare. Since then, I have been working with children for approximately 5 years, and although I can wax poetic about the creatures when you catch me on the right day, I do not have any real clue as to why I am able to do with them what I do with them. I think it's pheremones.

An editor...though very much one that is learning through doing. I have a website that is primarily aimed at writers, though I'd like to think it has some appeal to those who do not write as well. If you're curious, you can check that part of my work out at . I'm sorry for the ugliness of the link, there...I haven't figured out deviant code yet. I'm sure my pages will get prettier with time. I write a couple of the articles on that site. See if you can figure out which ones they are.

An expatriate--after having lived my first 30 years in the capital USA, my wife and I finally took the plunge and moved elsewhere--first to Sydney, Australia, currently in Munich--though I understand another move is in the works in the coming months. We currently have no interest in moving back. Perhaps there will be occasion, in the future, to explain that fact in a bit more detail.

Host of a local open mic geared towards English speakers (though not exclusive) and modelled after the Gong Show. I've met a number of talented people through so doing, and highly recommend establishing such a show in your own background for the sheer experience of doing it. And networking.

A student of poetry. I would say a poet, but I once read a quote (I'll cite the source another day, when the resource is closer to hand) to the effect that 'The title 'poet' is an honorific. You don't give it to yourself, but let others give it to you.' Somehow, that strikes me as being very much the truth. I like words, I like playing with them--in fact, I'm a word slut...very promiscuous in this respect, and in spite of the fact that I have been consciously hammering them out for almost two decades, I haven't 'got enough' yet.

Ok. From there, I'm willing to field questions, though I don't know that there will be any forthcoming. Still, the offer's there for anyone who wants to take it up. Otherwise, I am now officially shutting up about myself, and turning to more interesting matters.

I'm curious about the expatriation.

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